A Phoenix journal - 168

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 168
Year : 1996

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_168.zip

FOREWORD. REC #1 HATONN. SUN., MAR. 10, 1996. TIME OUT! Where are you scientists when we need you? This is a very good question and I have the answer which, I’m sure, the scientists are not going to appreciate. I believe I will have to burden B.J. with this, E.J., because I find a bit of lack of inclusion with M.M. and I have to have some people who will put aside chemistry and physics AS TAUGHT in the schools to move on beyond each step in which “followers” simply tend to stagnate. We will have to move backwards and see if we can break through the focus on “other things” and allow, please, for wider vision in our own goals of accomplishment. MONATOMIC GOLD No, David Hudson does NOT have the answers to everything in the universe and doesn’t claim to have those answers. He has realized the presence of monatomic gold if certain things are present in the equation wherein gold is being reduced to its monatomic structure. This is not a difficult task relative to restructuring the monatomic substance into the metal, gold. Both are easy, however, if you understand alchemy in its etheric state. Oh YES you can! Why don’t I just pour this information all over you cute little people? Because you would certainly MISUSE it and, at the least, would ruin the whole intent of our sharing. Remember that INFORMATION can be utilized by the dark side far more effectively than the “good and lighted” side of the intent. Abundance on Earth PHYSICAL is a good thing—used properly—if you want to move on into higher LIGHT bodies with understanding in TRUTH. However, most of you are not ready for such jumps in understanding much the less in ability to see beyond and into that which is REALITY. You live in the aberrations of distorted vision. Until you can actually understand “aberration” as a defined term you are going to miss a lot of the intent and point of the journey. YOU have aberrations while the higher soul body or higher state of being has the reality of manifestation. You can’t, for instance, be a higher being without passing into the state of “finer” and higher frequency and state of non-solid matter. You will finally learn that that which you, as soul become, the body will surely follow for it has no choice! ...

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