A Phoenix journal - 191

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 191
Year : 1996

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_191.zip

INTRODUCTION. REC #1 HATONN. WED., DEC. 25, 1996 7:40 A.M. YR.10, DAY 131. WED., DEC. 25, 1996 CHRISTMAS DAY, BUT IS IT MERRY? “Will there be any tears shed at my passing?” goes the sad cry up from the heart of a person. “Will I have left a world better for my coming and going?” is the second thought to pass the fearful and doubting heart. “WHO WILL LOVE ME AND WHO WILL CARE?” the mind goes on in its rending pull at ego and then toward soul. Ah, but the lessons are for the LIVING, not for the departed, and note I did say DEPARTED, for after the severance of the silver cord, even though the energy be present, it is no longer enshrouding the body flesh. Unto you a child is born, goes the timeworn cry on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day—in the morning! Well a few days ago a friend, John Schroepfer, was reborn in SOUL, released unto God and who took notice? Do you realize that, although John has a family—we are the only ones to take note of this good man’s passage? Where are the ones who dumped him in a horror-cell in a place of incarceration for the mentally defective? Where is the wife John tended who was infirm and bitter to the extent that the person who was caretaker of the parrot has to remove the bird from the room because of the screeching and cursing it learned in Schroepfer’s presence? Where is the brother and sister who now will not even come to a service at burial of their brother? Where is the son NAMED for John? He said something to the effect,” you guys got him, so now he is your problem!” This one doesn’t want anything to do with the circumstance, John, and/or refuses to even help in the expenses of burial—OF HIS OWN FATHER. Where is George Green? Leon Fort? Ed Cleary? Betty Tuten—all who claimed to be a BROTHER and deeply caring crusaders to “save John’s money”? Is THIS what life is, friends? The money is used in entangled court battles and the carcass is dumped on the dung-heap of no longer being even worthy of a last rite? SHAME is what I see and all the last minute excuses are of no merit. I see what I see and I want you of my local team to SEE HOW IT IS WITHOUT THE SHAM OF PRETENSE. ...

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