Biddiscombe Alexander Perry - The last Nazis

Author : Biddiscombe Alexander Perry
Title : The last Nazis
Year : 2000

Link download :

Preface and acknowledgemens. his book is a sequel to one that I wrote several years ago titled Werwolf!, published by the University of Toronto Press and the University of Wales Press. In Werwolf!, I argued that the Nazi guerrilla movement of 1944-45 – the ‘Werwolf’ – had a considerable impact on the invasion and occupation of Germany, and that it provided the main thematic focus for a distinctive final stage in the history of the Nazi regime. I also contended that the movement reflected some important characteristics of the Nazi state, particularly with regard to its allegedly totalitarian character. In order to drive these points home, Werwolf! was written and organized in an expository fashion, and a large number of examples were deployed in order to validate the main themes of the book. ...

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