Cox Earnest Sevier - Teutonic Unity

Author : Cox Earnest Sevier
Title : Teutonic Unity
Year : 1951

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I HAVE sought to give the story of the migrations and cultural contributions of Teutonic peoples. In intent the text is a Pan-Teutonic thesis resting upon the concept of racial blood kinship. It is believed that an awareness of the survival of ancient racial traditions and the consciousness of ancient ties of common blood may operate powerfully as an aid in uniting peoples of Teutonic descent into such political agreement as may be needed so as to ensure for them a perpetual liberty and enable them to sustain the high position they have held upon the continent of Europe during the past fifteen hundred years. The text will include a due consideration of the Latin-speaking nations of Western Europe which received and assimilated to their speech great numbers of Teutonic peoples. It will also in elude the colonial derivatives of the Teutonic-speaking and Latin-speaking nations. Historical records, generally, have been viewed from the angle of nationalism or that of political economy. A view of history from a racial angle, such as will be found in the text, may bring in question certain of the time-honored conclusions derived from other view points. In the United States of America, at least, the term "race" is frowned upon by the agencies of social control, save in dissertations which minimize or deny a value to the fact of race. ...

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