Flowers Stephen Edred - Introduction to the Germanic Tradition

Author : Flowers Stephen Edred (Thorsson Edred)
Title : Introduction to the Germanic Tradition
Year : 2001

Link download :

Introduction. A great tide of reawakening is sweeping the land. The gods and goddesses of our ancestors are stirring once more. Runes are being carved and their names sung again. Is the age of rebirth and reawakening upon us ? Has Hrenir once again begun to read the Runes aright ? This age of reawakening will not just "happen." It must be attended by inner and outer work by us, the descendants of those who lived in a more heroic time. It is therefore necessary for us to become familiar - as quickly as possible - with the basic lore of the Germanic Way. It is to this end that this book has been written. This is a guidebook to the Germanic tradition in that it is designed to plant seeds of knowledge and show the path to further knowledge. It will outline for you who the Germanic people are and what a worker in the Germanic tradition is and can become. Essential to the understanding of who you are is the soul-lore, or "psychology," of the ancestral path. ...

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