Hall Manly Palmer - Healing The divine art

Author : Hall Manly Palmer
Title : Healing The divine art
Year : 1972

Link download : Hall_Manly_Palmer_-_Healing_The_divine_art.zip

Preface. The purpose of this book is to make available in one volume a wide variety of evidence bearing on the theory and practice of Metaphysical Medicine, and to point out certain broad and invariable principles that bear upon the practitioner and his practice. Results cannot be advanced as proof of method until the philosophy of method itself is established firmly. The healer who would advance his own cause must study his cases and keep permanent records of the means which he employed and the types of patients which have responded to various methods of treatment. So far as I have been able to discover, there is no general text on the subject of Metaphysical Medicine obtainable in the English language. By general text, I mean a writing that is not influenced by the author's addiction to the teachings of some particular group or sect. The value of a reference work is considerably reduced when it is apparent that it has been written out of an enthusiastic allegiance to some special belief, or body of beliefs. Such books define the methods of particular cults, but cannot be regarded as general reference texts. A thoughtful weighing of the material contained in several of the better known of these writings, would indicate that the compilers were working from theoretical convictions and not from personal observation or experience. It is not difficult to detect empiric viewpoints, because they are always in conflict with the results of clinical study. The theorist does not have the mental flexibility which comes to those who must adapt their opinions to the diversity of actual practice. There is no doubt that a considerable part of so-called spiritual healing is, in reality, nothing but suggestion therapy, but this obviously is unknown to many who practice the healing arts. Much of religious healing especially is suggestion or auto-suggestion, and the results obtained arise from a sincere conviction that such results can be obtained. This is not a formal or technical treatise, but a faithful account of things known through experience. In working with those variously afflicted it is necessary to adapt formulas to the problems arising from individual experiences, traditions, and dispositions. It is in failure to so adapt the psychological technique that many mistakes arise in the field of psycho-therapy. ...

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