Johnson Michael - Hook Richard - American indians of the Southeast

Authors : Johnson Michael - Hook Richard
Title : American indians of the Southeast
Year : 1995

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Introduction. The native peoples of the southeastern United States have often been negleeted or ignored in popular imagery ofthe North American Indian, yet they were prominent in the early history ofthe eontinent, being caught in the web of eolonial intrigue between Great Britain, France and Spain. Tragieally, the eoastal tribes diminished rapidly through the introduetion of European diseases eontraeted from the early expeditions of white explorers and Spanish missions. The interior trans-Appalaehian south was the home of (arger tribes, who had beeome involved in the mercantile activities of white traders, and the exchange of deer hides for European technology, including guns, meta( objects and domestic animals, saw the development of several important culturally hybrid communities. ...

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