Kemp Arthur - The children of Ra

Author : Kemp Arthur
Title : The children of Ra Artistic, historical, and genetic evidence for ancient White Egypt
Year : 2011

Link download :

Chapter 1 : BLACK OR WHITE ? “There can be no doubt that the Colchians are an Egyptian race... My own conjectures were founded, first, on the fact that they are black-skinned and have woolly hair...” - The Histories, Book II (Euterpe), by Herodotus. Herodotus’s famous quote about black-skinned and woolly-haired Egyptians is one of the more commonly-used “arguments” one will hear when doing research about the racial origins of the ancient Egyptians. Herodotus, known as the “father of history” for his groundbreaking historical work, The Histories, written between the years 450 and 420 BC, explained how he travelled to Egypt for those personal observations. For many years, scholars believed that the ancient Egyptians - those who presided over the building of the Great Pyramids and other monuments of that civilization - were either Arabic or Semitic in origin. For example, French historian Constantin-François Chasseboeuf (1757–1820), writing in his work Principes Physiques de la Morale, Déduits de l’Organisation de l’Homme et de l’Univers, said that the “Copts are the proper representatives of the Ancient Egyptians” due to their “jaundiced and fumed skin, which is neither Greek nor Arab, their full faces, their puffy eyes, their crushed noses, and their thick lips.” Other scholars of the Middle Ages attempted to explain the origin of ancient Egyptians by suggesting that they were the descendants of the “children of Ham.” ...

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