Kemp Arthur - Jihad

Author : Kemp Arthur
Title : Jihad Islam’s 1300 year war on Western Civilisation
Year : 2013

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The Skull Tower is a monument to nineteenth century Serbian rebels against the Muslim invaders of that country. On 31 May 1809, on Cegar Hill, a few miles northeast of Niš, Serbian insurrectionists suffered their greatest defeat in the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire (1804– 1813). The insurrectionists’ advance towards Niš was stopped here, and when the far stronger Muslim forces attacked. The battle was ended when the Serbian commander, Stevan Sindelic, sacrificially fired at his gunpowder depot in order to avoid surrendering to the Muslims. The resulting explosion caused the death of Sindelic, his men, and hundreds of Muslim soldiers. After the retreat of the Serbian rebel army, the Muslim commander of Niš, Hurshid Pasha, ordered the heads of the killed Serbians to be mounted on a tower to serve as a warning to any other would-be revolutionaries. In all, 952 skulls were included, with the skull of Sindelic placed at the top. The scalps from the skulls were stuffed with cotton and sent to Istanbul as proof for Sultan Mahmud II. The tower stood in the open air until the liberation of Niš in 1878. By that time, much of the tower had deteriorated from weather conditions or from the removal of skulls for burial by relatives of killed rebels. In 1892, the chapel was built to enclose what was left of the tower. Today, only 58 skulls remain, including Sindelic’s. ...

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