Linnell Andrew - Technology confronts the etheric realm

Author : Linnell Andrew
Title : Technology confronts the etheric realm Constructing a new world using the fallen etheric forces
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Who is this being that Rudolf Steiner calls Ahriman? The New View summer of 2009 issue contained a number of articles that that tried to answer this question. Ahriman is, one could say, not only the Lord of Materialism but also the source of lies and illusion in our world, of all that wishes to control and deny true freedom to humanity. From research in these non-material realms of the spirit, Steiner could state that Ahriman is cognizant of Christ’s presence in the Etheric (the realm of the forces of life) and is determined to prevent humanity from becoming aware of it. One way he can accomplish this is by creating a mirror image of the etheric accessible to us through technology by using fallen etheric forces. He hopes to tempt humanity into satisfying its spiritual impulses with this new Maya, this new illusion. For Humanity to successfully fulfill its destiny, according to Steiner, it must confront Ahriman and learn from this being what will be necessary to participate as co-creators of a future world-system that will follow the present Earth evolution. Yet, in order to maintain balance, as deeply as we penetrate into this fallen Etheric realm – what Steiner also referred to as sub-nature – we must also rise into super-nature (, the etheric and beyond into the creative source of nature). A Future: The year is 2020. As yet another oil-producing country’s reserves dry up, oil prices top $600/barrel. World leaders urge businesses to allow their employees to work from home via the internet’s expanding virtual reality applications. Tax reliefs are offered for what was once expensive 3D, high fidelity, virtual reality body suits (VRBS) that have essentially replaced last decade’s laptops. Declining prices, thanks to nanotechnology, have made these hot commodities during last holiday’s shopping season. New models with Touch-Anywhere™ Foglet technology sold out quickly. Expected later this year in high-end models is technology that offers the ability to blend 256 odors, up from merely 16, for an incredible sense immersion experience. One company, JON, which offers adult MP7s for their boutique men’s and women’s VRBS, exceeded expectations. Many public schools in the developed world now are experimenting with holding virtual classrooms enabled by PREVENT (PRivate Education’s Virtual Experience NeTwork) and Google’s well respected Metropolitan Area Youth Advancement Association (MAYAA). These exciting times are not without some detractors who claim that obesiosis, an illness that mysteriously began to affect children about 7 years ago, seems to be due to prolonged exposure to the nano-particles used in VRBS but lack of corroborative scientific studies means the jury is still out on this. One recent industry-funded study showed no viruses or bacteria were found anywhere in every VRBS studied. Apparently these micro-organism pests don’t like nano-particles. Some mothers of traditional families decry that their children prefer playing in the virtual playgrounds of MAYAA, which is now available 24 hours per day on the internet, over playing in their backyard. However, most child psychologists agree that MAYAA provides a safe and healthy environment for children, one free of infectious diseases where all children from all parts of the world can play and interact free of any hostilities arising from race, ethnicity, religion, or sex. Since bullying detection software was deployed two years ago, nearly all complaints about MAYAA by educators have ceased. ...

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