Manistre Hugh - Crop circles A beginner's guide

Author : Manistre Hugh
Title : Crop circles A beginner's guide
Year : 1999

Link download :

Introduction. Since 1980, when the first reports began circulating, each year has brought fresh developments to the mystery of the crop circles. Although their public profile has waned since its height between 1989 and 1991, the circles have not gone away and have, if anything, become more spectacular and beautiful in recent seasons. The circles have provided regular copy for newspapers during the summer 'silly season', when there is little political news, people are on holiday and hard news is scarce. Traditionally, editors look for stories in a humorous, light-hearted vein and their treatment of the circles, which conveniently appear at this time of the year, consequently tends towards the frivolous. 'Little green men' will often be mentioned, along with the inevitable 'boffins'. But to crop circle researchers, circles are anything but frivolous: people have abandoned jobs in pursuit of them! The subject has its own journals, societies and ongoing research projects, ranging from laboratory science to bizarre field experiments. This book traces the history and development of the circles, from the earliest accounts and eyewitness reports, to the present. Along the way we will encounter UFOs, mystics, visionaries, dowsers and sceptics and, as the evidence unfolds, you will be able to arrive at your own conclusions about the meaning and explanation of the circles. Each chapter contains brief practical suggestions which can serve as a framework for your own research. You may find, as I did, that this leads you into other related fields of knowledge and interest. ...

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