Mrugala Fabrice - Celtic Gods

Author : Mrugala Fabrice
Title : Celtic Gods
Year : 2002

Link download :

Abandinus (romano-celtic) Romano-Celtic god known from an inscription in Cambridgeshire, England. Little else is known. Abarta (irish) "Performer of Feats". Irish (Celtic) god, member of the Tuatha De Danann. Abelio (gallic) local name of Belennos of the Garonne valley Gallic local deity of the Garonne valley, possibly a god of apple-trees. Abnoba (romano-celtic) Romano-Celtic forest and river goddess (Black Forest area). Source of the English river name "Avon" and its cognates in continental Europe. Adraste see Andraste. Adsullata (celte) river goddess Aed (irish, celte) An Irish (Celtic) underworld god. Son of Lir and Aobh. Aenghus see Aengus Aengus / Aenghus / Angus / Angus of the brugh / Aonghus / Oengus / Oengus Mac Oc / Oengus of the Bruig (irish, celte) Irish (Celtic) god, apparently of love and youth. Son of the Dagda and 'the wife of Elcmar', generally believed to be the goddess Boann. He is associated with the valley of the River Boyne. Aengus was said to have dreamed of a beautiful maiden, for whom he searched all Ireland. He eventually found her, named Caer, chained to 150 maidens who were destined to turn into swans at the feast of Samhain (November 1). Aengus transformed himself into a swan and was so united with Caer, who followed him back to his palace at Brugh na Boinne on the River Boyne (modern New Grange). Dagda’s son. Aericura (romano-celtic) Romano-Celtic chthonic underworld god. Aes Sidhe (irish) 'The people of the hills', collective name for the old Irish gods who dwell in hills. Agrona Celtic goddess of strife and slaughter. The river Aeron in Wales is named after her. Ai / Aoi Mac Ollamain (irish) Irish poet god, a member of the Tuatha De Danaan. Aibell / Aoibhell (irish) Irish 'fairy' goddess. Aillen (irish) In Irish mythology, a malevolent Otherworld beast. Aimend (irish) Irish sun goddess. Aine (irish) Irish goddess of love and fertility. Daughter of Eogabail, who was in turn the foster-son of Manannan Mac Lir. Later regarded as a fairy queen in County Limerick. ...

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