Osman Ahmed - The lost city of the Exodus

Author : Osman Ahmed
Title : The lost city of the Exodus The archaeological evidence behind the journey out of Egypt
Year : 2014

Link download : Osman_Ahmed_-_The_lost_city_of_the_Exodus.zip

Prologue. I was asked an intriguing question by George Hill of the London Times, in October 1987. As he was getting ready to write a comment on my first book regarding the identification of Yuya, a minister of Amenhotep III, and patriarch Joseph of the coat of many colors, he asked me: "How could you arrive to this important identification, when many other senior scholars, could not?" "They couldn't because it didn't agree with their beliefs," I answered. He then asked me: "And what do you believe in?" to which I said: "I believe in what I find." It was true, although it took a long time to come to this objective position, with no taboos and no obsessions. However, during my years of research I came across many scholars who were ready to reject the objective conclusions, just because those conclusions didn't agree with their beliefs. Before publishing my book about Joseph, I contacted Cyril Aldred, the Scottish Egyptologist, in Edinburgh. As he had stated in his book about Akhenaten that Yuya's mummy shows him to be a foreigner of Semitic origin, I asked him if I could identify him as Joseph. Not only did Aldred reject this identification, he also removed his comment on Yuya's Semitic origin from the next edition of his book. Later, following the publication of my book, I was contacted by someone from the NBC TV station in the United States who was doing a program called Lost and Found. He wanted me to appoint someone in America who could defend my argument on his program. As I had met him at the International Congress of Egyptologists, and he had agreed that the time of Yuya is the right time for Joseph, I asked the American Egyptologist James K. Hoffmeier to represent me. To my surprise, Hoffmeier refused. I asked why not, as long as he does agree with me. He said: "It is against my religion." ...

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