Radl Karl - Semitic Controversies 2009 Issue

Author : Radl Karl
Title : Semitic Controversies 2009 Issue
Year : 2009

Link download : Radl_Karl_-_Semitic_Controversies_2009_Issue.zip

Book Review: Vicomte Léon de Poncins, Undated, (1929), ‘Freemasonry and Judaism : Secret Powers behind the Revolution’, A & B Books: New York Monday, 5 January 2009. Vicomte Léon de Poncins is a name well known in Catholic, anti-Freemasonic and anti-Semitic circles for his numerous, and often quite courageous, works on what he saw as the secret forces that were seeking to subvert society in his day and historically. His work is often cited as a reference by contemporary would-be anti-Semites, as well as serial conspiracy theorists, such as David Duke and Jeff Rense when they make assertions concerning jews in history and in contemporary times. Four of de Poncins’ many books have been translated into English and are often sold in English language nationalist and/or anti-Semitic bookshops. These are: ‘Judaism and the Vatican’, ‘Freemasonry and the Vatican’, ‘State Secrets’ and ‘Freemasonry and Judaism’. It is important to review the two most of important of these, of which the book of primary importance is ‘Freemasonry and Judaism’ since this is the one most cited by these would-be anti-Semites. ...

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