Radl Karl - Semitic Controversies 2010 Issue

Author : Radl Karl
Title : Semitic Controversies 2010 Issue
Year : 2010

Link download : Radl_Karl_-_Semitic_Controversies_2010_Issue.zip

The Resurrection of Semitic Controversies. Saturday, 27 March 2010. Dear Reader, Unfortunately since my plans for expanding Semitic Controversies into a monthly publication of sorts fell through I have had little time to write since my life has been filled with all kinds of issues (I won't bore you with the reasons or any recrimination on part as I take full and unreserved responsibility for not putting pen to paper). However finally I have had the time and breathing space to sit down and think about what I was going to do with this blog. I have decided, on the basis of encouraging emails and notes from friends and readers, to resurrect this blog as it was originally i.e. a blog about jews from a critical point of view and I have decided to post at least one essay per week on the issue of jews. I have also decided that if I have time I would like to write a little about events in jewry each week. As before any contributions to the blog, letters and criticism can be sent to the Semitic Controversies email box and I will answer them as soon as I am able. Kindest Regards, The Editor, P.S. Oh and yes I might poke a little fun at 'holocaust survivors' from time to time. After all when one actually reads their accounts of what 'happened to them' then one either finds them incredible generally speaking or one takes on faith what they say as the absolute truth. ...

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