Rhome Harrell - The curious and controversial career of William Dudley Pelley

Author : Rhome Harrell
Title : The curious and controversial career of William Dudley Pelley : from nationalist politics to higher metaphysics
Year : 2009

Link download : Rhome_Harrell_-_The_curious_and_controversial_career_of_William_Dudley_Pelley.zip

Today he is unknown but to a few continuing devotees, students of twentieth century history, readers of obscure books, and researchers into the outré and bizarre. Pelley, a truly fascinating fellow, was a fairly well known public figure from the “roaring twenties” until his death in 1965. But, today he is largely forgotten or misunderstood. Ask a history teacher, politician or journalist. If they acknowledge knowing anything at all, you’ll likely be told that he was a “fascist”, “nazi”, “new age crank”, “occultist”, “racist cult leader”, “nut”, or… well, you get the idea. I don’t know about you, but when I hear such things, I automatically want to know more. Often, when certain figures are viciously vilified and disrespected, it is because they have offended the ubiquitous “Powers That Be” (PTB). Pelley not only offended them, he was a genuine threat back in the day, and the PTB acted accordingly. There is a striking and eerie foreboding feeling in the air as the same things, and much worse, are happening today as the PTB implement their ultimate plans for “homeland security” for the “chosen world order”. ...

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