Thompkins Jason - Hyperborea and the Hyperboreans

Author : Thompkins Jason A.
Title : Hyperborea and the Hyperboreans
Year : 2010

Link download :

In a time before recorded history, before meta-history, perhaps at the beginning of the last Manvantara, there was a glorious civilization located at what we now know as the Arctic North Pole. It was there that Celestial beings took refuge and built Hyperborea. The Hyperboreans as we have been told were divine beings who retained the "Golden Law" and lived in the Land "beyond the Cold, Ice and Storm", "beyond the North Wind", "beyond BOREAS" - the God of the North and North Wind. Today we hear of the term "Boreal winds" which mean "Northernly winds" or "winnds coming from the Arctic Caps and Ice Sheets". The Hyperboreans established the Golden Age upon this Earth. They had the power of telepathy, telekenisis, aerial and auric flight. It was only after the Hyperboreans consorted with "the daughters of man" (as Genesis and the Book of ENOCH explain) that they became bound to flesh and earthly or terrestrial bodies. Before this they retained a pure spiritual form. Ghost-like beings who could drift in and out of the different worlds. Death was unheard of in the SATYA YUGA or Golden Age. Only after the diluting of the Hyperborean Blood with Terrestrial creatures did the semidivine Hyperboreans experience death. However, they were given a choice upon their time of departure. "The Way of the Fathers" or "The Way of the Gods" (the DEVAYANA) were the choices one had at the moment of death. The first being a reincarnation back into a terrestrial body and the second being reincarnation into an ever advanced state, like going up a ladder, until they were PURE again. ...

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