Vian Summers Marshall - The allies of humanity

Author : Vian Summers Marshall
Title : The allies of humanity Book one An urgent message About the extraterrestrial presence in the World Today
Year : 2001

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Foreword. It is uncommon enough to find a book that changes one’s life, but far more extraordinary to encounter a work that has the potential to impact human history. Nearly forty years ago, before there was an environmental movement, a courageous woman wrote a most provocative and controversial book that changed the course of history. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring spawned worldwide awareness of the dangers of environmental pollution and kindled an activist response which endures to this day. Among the first to publicly declare that the use of pesticides and chemical toxins was a threat to all life, Carson was ridiculed and vilified at first, even by many of her peers, but was ultimately considered one of the most important voices of the 20th century. Silent Spring is still widely regarded as the cornerstone of environmentalism. ...

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