Zaid Omar - Islam in the shadows of the New World Order

Author : Zaid Omar
Title : Islam in the shadows of the New World Order A singular perspective Essays on the metaphysics of spiritual law, islamization, religio perrenis, islamic science, and the real politics of political ponerology
Year : 2014

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After 1,400 years and an additional three score filled with post-Nakba Islamization flurries, Muslims remain subject to endemic rapine, mass murder, disgusting male chauvinism, breath taking ignorance, extraordinary superstition, and revolting modes of un-Islamic governance. We have become disparate aggregates who have earned these trials of judgment as well as the derision and axiomatic misguidance we endemically deny. This little book explains why this ponerocracy has come to pass and will continue. May it please Allah SWT, and, ‘like it or not’, may it be of service to higher faculties of comprehension and eternal wellbeing. – oz. "Dr. Zaid is the Herman Melville of Islam." - Tom Dark, Literary Agent. I for one am glad we have people like Moulana Sheikh Imran N. Hosein, and Dr. Omar Zaid, who have made efforts to lift the veil and recover clarity of thought in the realities of the Modern Age that is full of fitnah; unlike the typical ulamas or mullahs, who do not seem willing or able to explain what is happening to the world today. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin. Dr. Zaid has attempted the seemingly impossible. His posture, vis-à-vis contemporary Muslim and Christian cultures, is that of the’ insider-outsider’. But it is only the latter who can truly picture his contemporary history in the manner of the cartographer. Assist. Prof. Oladosu A. Afis ,Ph.D. Fulbright Scholar, Deputy Dean, AIS University, Ibadan, Nigeria Dr. Zaid is both fair and brutally honest. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Kadr Hatem, Former PM of Egypt. ...

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