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Thursday 29 May 2014

Codreanu Corneliu Zelea - Treachery from within

Author : Codreanu Corneliu Zelea Title : Treachery from within Year : 1938 Link download : Legionaries ! The wave of lies and hatred still continues. But we have weathered so many storms and so many waves have rammed against our chests that this  […]

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Codreanu Corneliu Zelea - The nest leader's manual

Author : Codreanu Corneliu Zelea Title : The nest leader's manual Year : 1933 Link download : Foreword. After two years of terrible persecution, "chief nesting Booklet" Captain reappears into victory. This handbook of life,  […]

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Sunday 8 December 2013

Codreanu Corneliu Zelea - Choosing an elite

Author : Codreanu Corneliu Zelea Title : Choosing an elite What chooses an elite – nation or nature ? Year : * Link download : A people is not led according to its will-the democratic formula; nor according to the will of one individual-the  […]

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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Codreanu Corneliu Zelea - For my Legionaries

Author : Codreanu Corneliu Zelea (Zelinski Corneliu) Title : For my Legionaries Year : 1936 Link download : TO THE LEGIONARIES. December 6, 1935, Cannen Sylva, LEGIONARIES. I write for our legionary family. For all legionaries: those in villages, In  […]

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