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Monday, September 20 2021

Dennis Lawrence - Is capitalism doomed ?

Author : Dennis Lawrence Title : Is capitalism doomed ? Year : 1932 Link download : Mr. Dennis writes from the vantage-point of intimate experience, both with the diplomatic activities in the United States diplomatic service in South America and as a  […]

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Tuesday, October 6 2015

Dennis Lawrence - The dynamics of war and revolution

Author : Dennis Lawrence Title : The dynamics of war and revolution A provocative analysis of America's relation to European war influences in the light of the impact of world forces of revolution which the author here defines and describes Year : 1940 Link download :  […]

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Thursday, August 16 2012

Dennis Lawrence - The Coming American Fascism

Author : Dennis Lawrence Title : The Coming American Fascism The Crisis of Capitalism Year : 1936 Link download : Every social situation has an unlimited number of aspects. Unworkability of the existing system is the particular aspect of the present  […]

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