Higger Michael - The jewish utopia

Author : Higger Michael
Title : The jewish utopia
Year : 1932

Link download : Higger_Michael_-_The_jewish_utopia.zip

PREFACE. The aim of this work is to present, in a comprehensive way, the traditional Jewish conception of the ideal life for individuals, as well as for nations. The problems taken up in the book are discussed, not from a theological viewpoint, but rather from that of the prophecies of the prophets as interpreted by the rabbis. The doctrines concerning God, Torah, Israel, Messiah, the future world and so forth, are, therefore, referred to, only where they are directly related to the subject of an ideal life in the ideal era to come. For my main problem is to reconstruct an ideal social life on earth as pictured by the rabbis of old. The Tannaitic literature, the Babylonian and Palestinian Talmudim, and the Midrashim, were utilized as the basis of the work. Allusions are occasionally made to the Apocryphal and Pseudepigraphal literature, and to the Jewish prayer book. Since the purpose of the work is to reconstruct, not a purely prophetic, but a prophetic-rabbinic ideal life, only those allusions to the Bible which are quoted in the rabbinic sources are given. With a few minor exceptions, no attempt was made to allude to the Mediaeval Jewish authorities, like Maimonides, Nahmanides, Abravanel, and others, who dealt with some phases of my problem. It is self-evident that a debatable subject of this nature will invite a number of criticisms. The orthodox and reformed groups alike, it is expected, will disagree with many of the interpretations and conclusions. These groups are advised, however, to consult carefully all the sources given in the notes before they form an opinion about the conclusions herein arrived at. ...

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