Pike Albert - Poems

Author : Pike Albert
Title : Poems. With introductory biographical sketch
Year : 1900

Link download : Pike_Albert_-_Poems.zip

ADVERTISEMENT. I need offer no apology for presenting to the public this volume of Gen. Albert Pike's Poems; the poems are too good to be lost, and I wonder that a collection of the author's writings has not been published for general circulation long since. Being a great admirer of those of the poems which I had read, I sought and obtained the sanction of the celebrated author's daughter, Miss Lilian Pike, since become Mrs. Roome, to publish same, and induced her to write the accompanying splendid biographical sketch of her honored father. I was encouraged to carry out a previous resolution to publish the book by reading the following tribute to the author, contributed to T/te Gazette iuMsLy, 1899, by Mrs. Eldridge Greening, of Camden, Ark., who regretted, "that with his unquestioned poetic genius, he did not give to the world a book of poems, such as he only could produce, and write his name on Fame's glorious temple, beside those of the greatest poets of the past and present age:— " "The fugitive verses of Albert Pike, going the rounds of the press, did more to arouse a literary feeling throughout the State and direct attention to the literary capabilities of the South than volumes of Tennj-son, in red and gold, could have done. His name must necessarily stand at the head of the list of Arkansas authors, for it was in this iState he composed nearly, if not all, of his famous poems, and it was of the State he loved so well he wrote and sang with exceeding sweetness. He gave us, more than any other writer, a distinct place in the literature of the country. His simple, melodious verses touched the hearts of thousands, and gave him and the State a worldwide fame. His record is made. With the fleeting years his name as a writer of standard, wholesome poetry will not vanish, but grow brighter and brighter. Arkansas will always honor the name of Albert Pike. 'Every Year,' with its simple pathos, will forever enshrine itself in every Southern heart." I trust that the volume may receive a welcome. Fred. W. Allsopp. ...

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