A Phoenix journal - 125

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 125
Year : 1995

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_125.zip

FOREWORD. REC #2 HATONN. THU., FEB. 16, 1995 7:19 P.M. YEAR 8, DAY 184. THU., FEB. 16, 1995. LESSONS FOR NON-BUTTERFLIES AND OTHER. INTENDED “VICTIMS” AND “CREW”. To most of you readers the following “lecture” won’t make much sense and you will “poo-poo” it and pass on by while thinking the CONTACT is the best newspaper around but the staff must be totally NUTS. REASONS FOR CONTACT AND JOURNALS. I remind ALL of you that the paper and the journals are teaching tools—not programming tools. If anything, they should be called DEPROGRAMMING tools. TRUTH IS NEVER A “PROGRAM”; IT IS A FOUNDATION UPON WHICH YOU CAN BUILD “FOREVER”. Since our work together began in the Fall of 1987 in this place, and the journals began to be brought public in 1989, there has been 126 of them. Yes, Ronn’s newsletter reflects 104 journals. Well, some are not yet in publication (print) but are ready to roll, even to the indexes. Life, however, is what happens while we all make other plans, so those too will come. WHY? Because they are presented to teach, to awaken—first our crew and then anyone who will receive Truth. Many of you are back to serve in this evolvement BACK INTO TRUTH AND CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM—OR—TO BE SWEPT UP IN THE EXPERIENCE AS IT IS. All who will truly receive TRUTH will change directions, stop tolerating within selves the lies and there can be an ocean-swell of change into Light and freedom. Many have tried to bring the “word” and it gets buried—intentionally or exploited. Worse, the bringers often get swept up into the morass of whatever is happening and lose the truth and the path. As lies are foisted off upon you and laws are made to enforce the lies—you haven’t a chance of not being swayed except by the TRUTH BEING PRESENTED AGAIN FOR YOUR WITNESS. When you KNOW TRUTH you can find freedom; without it you are destined to never find the resolution of that which destroys soul and foundation. In this instance “I” am the teacher, Dharma but the hands upon a keyboard. Why? Because she is human and experienced in only the same things of “life” as are you all. Further, her job is only ONE of the MANY that must be filled and utilized to do this massive task. NO “ONE” HAS A CORNER OR RIGHT TO TRUTH AND YET ALL ALONG THROUGH THE COUNTLESS AGES ONES HAVE COME AND PRESENTED TRUTH AS GIVEN UNTO THEM—ONLY TO BE THWARTED IN THE SHARING WITH HUMANITY. THIS IS NOT THE PROBLEM OF YOU WHO SERVE BUT REPERCUSSIONS, OF COURSE, SHALL FALL UPON “YOU” FOR YOU PRESENT AS THE REALITY WHEN ACTUALLY YOU ARE ONLY THE “ILLUSION” OF CONFRONTER. ...

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