A Phoenix journal - 178

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 178
Year : 1996

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_178.zip

FOREWORD. REC #1 HATONN. MON., AUG. 12, 1996 8:42 A.M. YEAR 9, DAY 362. MON., AUG. 12, 1996. It seems that every time we turn about there is a note saying there needs to be a title and “Foreword” to a journal. We finish number 178; Dharma claims it is a miscount; I remind her that we have worn out several keyboards and life goes on... and on, while we make plans for doing other great and wondrous things. As we think for a minute on past beginnings the mind runs back to mid-August, 1987. Some people came to visit because of Sipapu Odyssey—others because it was the “Harmonic Convergence”—others because of BOTH. It was our time of getting acquainted and laying a brief foundation of our needs and work before us. It was a remarkable time and many changes and much growth has happened since those days of non-realization of journey or duty. Today we think on some who have gone, as with Sister Thedra, others who have turned from us because “Hatonn couldn’t be ‘my’ Hatonn,” others who SHOULD be asked to this little gathering such as Ormly, Gabriel, etc., and the mind is stymied because the “hostess and host” are too busy to breathe, so much the less to entertain, run the hotel and board duties—and then, the heart is overflowed with the accomplishments and, frankly, 178 journals. If you would know everything presented in those 178 journals—you would no longer be in doubt or supposition—you would be in KNOWING! As we move into the tenth year of our CYCLE work we can expect the most remarkable things to be happening. One of the more major happenings is the opening up of POSSIBILITIES of rebuttal to the adversary. If you people put down your swords, your allegiances to Party, a recognition that God too can have a Plan—and come to work within possibilities for change, you can accomplish great things. You watched, or perhaps you didn’t, the “loser” Pat Buchanan close his campaign in Escondido, California with a speech which would do God proud. You might also have waded through the garbage presented by the Republican Party (where they tossed footballs, bowed to a Quarterback “hero” and spouted the platform goodies of Pat Buchanan who isn’t allowed to participate ...) and perhaps your heart skipped a beat as you “could have if you didn’t” listen to Lamm and Perot (also in California). They both spoke on the same NETWORK (C-SPAN) and I wonder at how many did NOT watch.(??). ...

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