A Phoenix journal - 196

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 196
Year : 1997

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_196.zip

FOREWORD. REC #1 HATONN WED., FEB. 5, 1997 7:39 A.M. YR.10, DAY 173. WED., FEB. 5, 1997 RESPONSIBILITY VERDICT OF O.J. SIMPSON. What happened? Does this “actually” make O.J. GUILTY? Why? How? Who says? Friends, O.J. Simpson was destined to be “GUILTY” from long before the murders happened. He was actually convicted at his first trial when he was found, in a criminal case, to be not-guilty. But you have to realize something: jurors in this case don’t have to live with, THEY THINK, blood on their hands—ONLY MONEY. And you know something:which is a sad fact indeed? People don’t want to go earn their own money; they want whatever others already have. What I wish all of you would look at are the facts of John Q. Citizen, for it is YOU who are being buried, thieved from, lied about and cheated in every way possible, without recourse, by the octopi gone mad. “But, is O.J. REALLY guilty?” you continue to petition of me. We have been over facts, produced several papers devoted to nothing else—and still you ask, so you must not have read or believed anything offered, in the first several instances. But I will remind of you of the most important fact of all: In THIS case, a voting jury has no way to know for sure and also in this case the jury only wanted money on their hearts and souls. Does this make O.J. guilty? Does it make him innocent? NEITHER, it is simply another ruling by 24 people, 12 of whom said he was not guilty; therefore, do these latest 12 make him guilty? He is either guilty or innocent of these terrible charges, but a split vote of unknowing people does not decide— only the penalty for being voted against, which happens to all of you every election. Simpson will have to find HIS WAY WITH GOD! He was never to be found truthfully judged when the Fred Goldmans of the world entered the picture and the opposition campaigned for guilt from upstart of circumstances, UNTIL THE VERDICT WAS FINALIZED. And, just like an election, the innocent pay for the indiscretions and costs of the unbalanced campaigning and fixed results. ...

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