Delyth Jen - Celtic folk soul

Author : Delyth Jen
Title : Celtic folk soul Art, myth & symbol
Year : 2008

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For all poetry is in a sense memory: all art, indeed is a mnemonic gathering of the innumerable and lost into the found and unique. Fiona Macleod “From the Hills of Dream” 1901. Introduction. This is a book about the beauty, power and spirit of nature expressed through the ancient language of Celtic Art and symbol: the voice of the Folk-Soul. The Celtic Folk-Soul dances at the heart of a living tradition, representing the vitality of her people, their stories, their land and their memories, from the early tribes through to us today. An ancient thread weaves back through art, myth and poetry connecting us to a complex mysticism that expresses the interconnection and balance of all living things. Celtic Art speaks to us through an intricacy of symbol and form that enchants while it mystifies, and yet is somehow the perfect way to talk about that which is abstract, sometimes invisible, and yet so essential. Throughout the many challenges and migrations of the Celtic people, the Folk-Soul sings of the beauty of life, even within the darkness—perhaps particularly then. This is the language, the poetic key to the Mysteries, that is the source of my inspiration and journey as an artist. Organic Elements and concepts form the foundation of the chapters in this book, each of which evokes pivotal Celtic themes and the symbols and archetypes that represent them. My intention is for Celtic Folk-Soul to be enjoyed primarily on a visual level, with the text accompanying the artwork rather than the designs illustrating the written word. Each of the nine main chapters contains original illustrations and explanations of the symbolism found within them, with poetry and text giving background to the theme of each section. Chapters are represented by elemental symbols paired intuitively with metaphorical core concepts that occur throughout the Celtic tradition: Stone—mysteries, Wind—journey, Seed—fire. I have chosen these organic themes to evoke colors, textures and responses together with art and poetry, to express Celtic archetypes and symbols that resonate for us today. Each element within the book opens a window into the Celtic Folk-Soul—the door is our own imagination and creative experience. The Voice of the Folk-Soul is articulated through the language of artists, poets and storytellers: it is they who channel the knowledge of our ancestors. The old memory is kindled through the songs and prayers of the fishermen and farmers, mothers and weavers, the priests and poets. This rich, symbolic language contains the seeds of articulation from the early first peoples, and continues to evolve into our time. Exploring the roots of mythic artforms gives us insight into the heart of the culture from which they are drawn. Intricate spiral and interlacing patterns express the oneness of life within all forms, the visible and the invisible. Through myth and symbol the deeper truths are illuminated, leading us intuitively into the otherworldly realms of our psyche. ...

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