Freeland Elana - Under an ionized sky

Author : Freeland Elana
Title : Under an ionized sky From chemtrails to space fence lockdown
Year : 2018

Link download :

Foreword. There is a world that most of us know of and that we are comfortable with. There is another world that we should know of but do not, and that should, by all rights, make us uncomfortable. We are responsible to learn of its existence, as it surrounds and affects our every move regardless of the level of bliss or ignorance that we adopt to ease our discomfort. Elana Freeland, in the second of a trilogy series, thrusts upon us the realities of that more complex world in her most recent work, Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown. We are destined within it to discover that the technological throes that dominate the modern world are much more developed, enmeshed, and controlling of our lives than most of us would like to either admit or confront. I have known Elana for some time now, and it was not known in our earlier café chats that we would someday share deeply in a common pursuit of truth. The focus of our work may differ in certain respects, but it is the same battle. Elana is providing a map of what is and what may well lie ahead in a world now gone berserk in the idols, greed, and powers of technocracy. It is our job to maintain our spiritual integrity in the clash that is before us, and this book will ask us to trade our ignorance and complacency for the awareness and strength that is needed in battle. The book is meticulously researched and documented, and she has done a great deal of your homework for you. The morass of controlling systems spoken of here does indeed exist, and they are of purpose and agenda. There is much for all of us to learn here and it is to our benefit to get up to speed quickly on the state of affairs. I hope that you will immerse yourself and gain the quick education that we all need, as proclaiming ignorance or innocence will be at our own peril. As Elana says, “It’s a brave new world.” Let us be brave together in its future. - CLIFFORD E. CARNICOM. ...

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