Gordienko Irina - Sergei O. Prokofieff Myth and reality

Author : Gordienko Irina
Title : Sergei O. Prokofieff Myth and reality
Year : 1998

Link download : Gordienko_Irina_-_Sergei_O_Prokofieff_Myth_and_reality.zip

Author's Foreword. The readers of the works of Sergei Prokofieff fall into three categories. The first (and most numerous) is convinced that his writings accelerate the process of acquiring knowledge in Anthroposophy and, thanks to a more effective method, deepen one's understanding more than does the reading of Rudolf Steiner's own works. In addition they view Prokofieff as being surrounded by a certain aura of spiritual presence. A second, less enthusiastic, group (numerically smaller) analyzes the texts of Prokofieff, compares his writings with those of Rudolf Steiner, to whose perception reference is continually made. And finally a third (likewise small) category analyzes in his works the inner structure, the logic, the style, the manner of presentation, the attitude adopted by the author, etc. In the last two cases the Student makes surprising, nay, shattering discoveries, as a result of which he feels the urge to communicate these discoveries to the readers of the first group and also to those who are still beginners in the study of Prokofieff’s works. This was the initial reason why the author decided to write this book. A second reason was the passage in Herbert Wimbauer's book „The Case of Prokofieff“ (1995), in which Wimbauer speaks in connection with Prokofieff of the danger that threatens, from the East, the mission of Middle Europe (Ch. 8), and where he characterizes Prokofieff as, above all, a representative of „this Eastern, Russian Theosophical mysticism“ (p. 173). Without wishing to embark on a discussion of fundamentals with Herr Wimbauer, we would like to affirm that in this particular case neither the East nor Russia itself is to blame, as the Prokofieff phenomenon with its significance as „science“ and for the „Society“ is a pure product of the West and only of the West. It is there that he was cherished and – with every possible means – supported. His „fame“ was – to our great misfortune – re-imported into Russia. This fact cannot be challenged. ...

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