National Socialist Party of Canada - Selected documents

Author : National Socialist Party of Canada
Title : Selected documents
Year : 19*

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Policies. Policies of the NSPC concerning various issues of vital interest to Canadians: Multiculturalism : The NSPC believes that multiculturalism is multiracialism in disguise. Its promoters are not honest enough to call it that. We belive its ultimate goal is the displacement and marginalization of the host population - the White population. We strive with unlimited determination to undo the effects of that destructive policy. Under an NSPC government, only those of the White race will be citizens. All others will be either subjects of Canada or guest workers within Canada. Immigration: All non-White immigration should be stopped entirely including "refugees". Only Whites will be allowed to immigrate to a National-Socialist Canada. Citizenship: Only those persons of at least 75% White European ancestry will be citizens in a National-Socialist Canada. No racial Jew or anyone practicing the Jewish religion will qualify for citizenship. Those permanent residents who do not qualify for citizenship will have the status of subjects. Only citizens will have the right to vote or be elected to public office. The only exception will be native Indians who will have the right to vote for their own governing councils under a system of native Indian self-government. ...

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