Neser Frederick Wilhelm Cornelius - The names of God

Author : Neser Frederick Wilhelm Cornelius
Title : The names of God
Year : 1987

Link download :

The Names of God. There is much disagreement and confusion amongst the children of God regarding his Name. Because of this, and after many years of research, I consulted with two Professors in Hebrew and a Jewish Rabbi concerning the “Name”. I asked the Jewish Rabbi whether the Professors are correct in saying that the pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton YHWH as YAHVEH is in fact an English transcription and that the sound and pronunciation of the Holy Name in the Hebrew is totally different! Without any hesitation he answered that their statement is in fact correct. Furthermore he stated that every character of the “YHWH” has its own sound depending on the context in which the “Name” is used. The Jewish people showed such a holy respect towards the Name of God that they were afraid of using his Name in vain when pronouncing it. ...

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