Patrice Jean - Communism unmasked

Author : Patrice Jean
Title : Communism unmasked
Year : 1970

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Preface to the Fifth Edition. With the exception of some chapters, viz., the Jewishness of U.N.O., the alleged slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews, the trial of Cardinal Mindszenty, the betrayal at Pearl Harbour, lists of other Jewishinspired Revolutions, and lists of unsuspected but still Communistic movements in our midst, and a few events of obviously quite recent happening - with these exceptions, this book first appeared in 1943 under a different title and different anonymous authorship. The work went into many editions, each of thousands of copies, an incontestable proof of its intrinsic worth. It is now being republished after a lapse of some years. We have been strongly advised to keep the different original Prefaces. Some parts of the book could be out of date, but they could serve to show trends. Hence they are not omitted. If, for a moment, the grandiose Red plan is scoffed at as being fantastic, consider that one-fourth of the land surface of the world and one-third of the peoples of the earth are now controlled by the world-wide Communistic bloc. The book is now being brought out again with the firm conviction of its paramount necessity. In his delightful little book - "Know Your Enemy" - Robert H. Williams goes behind the scenes and exposes some of the Jewish mischiefmakers of the present era. In our book we are endeavouring to unmask Communism and point out who are the sinister forces working in the dark and leading the unsuspecting masses up the garden path. For the same diabolical forces are at work today as at the time of the original writing of this book. Lord Acton, speaking of the French Revolution, said: "The appalling thing in it is not the tumult but the design. Through all the fire and smoke, we perceive evidence of calculating organization. The managers remain studiously concealed, but there is no doubt about their presence from the first." So then, no one can justly say that this edition of our book is out of date. The book contains lists of names. These lists prove beyond doubt that Communism is a Jewish movement. The lists should further help readers to see the falsity of Jewish assertions that the Jews are an innocent but much persecuted race and that it is high time that Christians stopped maligning them. It would be much nearer the mark of sincerity if Jewish leaders stopped persecuting the Christians. Though Communism is controlled by Jews, it must not be thought that every Jew is a Communist. It is quite possible that many Jews do not really know who are running the movement and what are its ultimate aims. What is more remarkable still, high up Communistic Jewry would not hesitate to get slaughtered in pogroms or in wars their lesser Jewish brethren if they considered it a help to the gaining of Jewish world control after these latter have done their dirty work. How many people realize that when Hitler turned on the Jews and scattered them, he was only walking into a Jewish trap by which he helped the Jews to gain positions left vacant by our own soldiers who went to the front? Enthusiastic anti-communists must not fall into the fatal blunder of physically persecuting the Jews. The Communistic Jews would make capital out of it. What is more, it is an old dodge for the Jews to paint swastikas overnight around the suburbs and then, next day, to call the attention of all and sundry to "Nazi Persecution". And what is almost unbelievable, Jews have been known to let in pigs by night into their synagogues with the sole purpose of creating sympathy, and then the propaganda machine tells the whole world of the happening. Some readers may greet this book with cries of "Anti-Semitism". Now, the word "Semite" is too wide and too loose. The Arabs are Semites, and the Jews are persecuting them. So then, these persecuting Jews are Anti-Semitic. In his wonderful book - "Freemasonry and the Anti- Christian Movement" - Father E. Cahill, S.J., referring to the Catholic Church's condemnation of "The Friends of Israel" says (page 76): "The Church desires sincerely the conversion of the Jews to the true faith. But she cannot compromise with them any more than she can with the Modernist or even with the socalled "Anglo-Catholics". Hence, in the present decree, the Holy See takes prudent measures against the Jewish infiltrations into the Church which were being attempted through the medium of the condemned association and pamphlet. On the other hand, she also reprobates anti-Germanism or any other similar anti-ism that would imply 'racial or national hatred'. But to follow the direction of Leo XIII and 'tear away the mask from Freemasonry and let it be seen as it really is', is not anti-Semitism even where the Freemasons in question are Jews." Here is something further: If a German or a Japanese or a Frenchman or an Italian or Englishman or Irishman - if anyone of these does anything evil, the masses do not hesitate to condemn them, and no fairminded person will find fault with such condemnation. But when Jewish criminals are shown up in their true colour, at once the Jewish hands are held up in horror with accusations of " anti-Semitism"! ...

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