Radl Karl - The idea of a mass jewish conspiracy in anti-semitism

Author : Radl Karl
Title : The idea of a mass jewish conspiracy in anti-semitism
Year : 2011

Link download : Radl_Karl_-_The_idea_of_a_mass_jewish_conspiracy_in_anti-semitism.zip

One thing that has been lacking from anti-Semitism from many years has been a method to the madness; you’ll have to forgive the pun on the philo-Semitic interpretation, is a coherent method to both understanding why the jews are a problem and a threat as well as to understand their past activities and predict; with some degree of accuracy, their future actions. It is perhaps axiomatic of me to mention that in my experience of them: most anti-Semites have very little idea of much to do with jews other than that they know at some level; and in varying degrees, that the jews are their enemy and in some respects an enemy like no other. This holds particularly true when it comes to understanding the jews, because anti-Semites have had a tendency to try and use simple explanations that make sense to them. In essence then anti-Semites have; since time immemorial, been trying to understanding the jews in terms of what the anti-Semites would have to do in order to get the same result. So when a European anti-Semite sits down and thinks about the jewish question he quite naturally places himself in the jew's shoes and thinks out what he would have to do achieve the same disproportionate dominance, the same apparent tribalism and the same ability to silence opponents by jewish-specific buzzwords and character-assassination. This leads to an understanding based on a lack of understanding the jews that we can see as an intellectual cop-out of sorts, but one with huge emotional appeal and a not inconsiderable amount of intellectual appeal as well. This is the idea of the jewish conspiracy with the jew thought to be a sort of secular or theological diabolical agent where the jew's activities and final goal are shrouded in mystery, secrecy and can only be conjectured at. The jew is held to be a sinister figure conspiring through the generations against the gentile world writ large and seemingly randomly picking targets, which are then later rationalised by anti-Semites of varying stripes often as being a deliberate attack on their nation for ‘doing the right thing’ or ‘being a bulwark against their power’ and so forth. This is why I described it as a ‘cop-out’ intellectually, because this way of understanding the jewish question bases itself on the idea that the jewish question is beyond our comprehension in anything other than a general sense. We can’t nail down the jewish intentions because they are completely alien to us and therefore we should only look for where they are directing their activities next so as to discern the latest target. ...

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