Ross John - Unintended consequences

Author : Ross John
Title : Unintended consequences
Year : 1996

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Foreword by Timothy Mullin. For those of you who pause to read this introduction before plunging into this book I would like to say a few brief words, perhaps to help you better appreciate the work. The voyage on which you are about to embark will be an enjoyable one, yet one which is an important trip. This book chronicles an attempt to destroy a culture, and it also gives at least one view of a possible resolution of the issue. I was present when John Ross first started writing this story, and I spent many enjoyable hours reading the initial draft of the material and discussing the story line. I predict you will feel good just reading of the characters and their experiences. Many of them will seem like old friends that you once knew, now perhaps long gone. This novel tells the tale of a young man growing up with classic American values and living immersed totally in the 'gun culture'. His story is much like that of a Native American who grows up in a society where the rules were simple: 'To ride, shoot straight, and speak the truth', to quote a well-known advertisement. You will find much that is familiar in all of the characters herein and you will no doubt feel at home with them. Others who seek to stamp out this 'gun culture' will be appalled at the valor portrayed here of free men who seek to live their lives unfettered by government chains. So much the worse for them. Guns are an important element in any truly free society, for a society that does not trust its citizens with individually owned weapons really does not trust its citizens. However, words are also important, and in this book many will no doubt be encouraged to continue the good fight to protect a cultural value that is worth defending vigorously. By making it clear that the attack is not on guns but rather on a cultural group, this story may provide much inspiration to the millions of people who are in that group. In recent years we have witnessed violent attacks on people in the gun culture. These attacks amount to genocide. It is my hope that this book will cause those who blindly seek to destroy the gun culture to pause for a moment and recognize that their random actions are in error, and to reconsider their evil ways. This could come from an intellectual conversion and a new appreciation of the culture's values. It could also result from a pragmatic concern for the inevitable consequences of continuously attacking a cultural group who wishes to be left alone and whose overriding philosophy is one of freedom. Either way, it doesn't matter. The goal is to stop the attacks and prevent a violent confrontation which could prove harmful for all parties concerned. Enjoy the book, follow the characters' action, and think of old friends. As you find yourself drawn into the story, remember that to the anti-gun zealots of HCI et al, this book will be like a nightmare penned by Stephen King! T.J. Mullin is a former Captain in the U.S. Army who has taught police weapons training for more than twenty years. He is the author of Training the Gunfighter. which Elmer Keith said was one of the ten best books ever written on the subject, and the 'Testing the War Weapons' series. The first volume, The 100 Greatest Combat Pistols, is now available from Paladin Press. Mr. Mullin currently practices law in St. Louis, Missouri. ...

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