Springmeier Fritz - Spiritual Manna for Spiritual Warfare Series

Author : Springmeier Fritz
Title : Spiritual Manna for Spiritual Warfare Series Endtime devotionals
Year : *

Link download : Springmeier_Fritz_-_Spiritual_Manna_for_Spiritual_Warfare_Series.zip

Being stranded in the desert is no fun. The heat beats down, and the stomachtightens up, will I get out of this "death valley"? But a certain set ofpeople come to love the desert. They discover its flowers, and itspink-gold-purple scarlet sunsets. Blowing dust and glaring suns try to blindthe desert dweller. But some people make peace with the desert and learn tosuccessfully live there. We are now in a spiritual desert, you can learn its lessons and come to seethe beauty of these times or you can hate the spiritual desert. But whetheryou hate or love working in a spiritual desert, always have a healthy respectfor its power to squeeze the life out of you. In the desert, you need thewater of life. Take in spiritual nourishment and the living waters of life.You will have to plan ahead, because situations of life will have a way ofovertaking you if you don't.Big events are now moving the world, and the individual looks out on theworld's huge forces and he seems tiny compared to the vastness of it all. Thedesert makes one feel how vulnerable we are. The desert makes us feel small.But small is not bad. Many of the most successful desert critters are small.This is just one small example of how something that seems bad can be reframedto see its hidden advantages. ...

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