Steiner Rudolf - The spiritual ground of education

Author : Steiner Rudolf
Title : The spiritual ground of education
Year : 1922

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Introduction. Christopher Bamford. THE SPIRITUAL GROUND OF EDUCATION is exceptional among Rudolf Steiner’s many lectures on Waldorf education for its breadth, depth, daring, and accessibility. Given in 1922 at Mansfield College, Oxford, England, the audience was one of the most prestigious that Steiner ever addressed. The occasion was a conference on “Spiritual Values in Education and Social Life.” About two hundred people attended. Dr. Millicent Mackenzie, then Professor of Education at Cardiff—a person for whom Steiner had the highest regard—was in the chair throughout the lectures. The Minister for Labor, Dr. H. A. L. Fisher presided. Other lecturers included celebrated names such as Gilbert Murray, the great classicist, A. Clutton Brock, the essayist, Professor Maxwell Garnett, and Edward Holmes. Nevertheless, despite this luminous company, the Oxford Chronicle reported that “The most prominent personality at the Congress is probably Dr. Rudolf Steiner.” Dr. Jacks, Principal of Manchester College, welcomed the conferees, and he, too, singled out Rudolf Steiner “whom he designated as the principal personality at the Congress.” The Chronicle reports: “Dr. Jacks said that the writings of Dr. Steiner impressed him as something extraordinarily stimulating and valuable.” ...

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