Young Katherine K. - Sanctifying misandry

Author : Young Katherine K.
Title : Sanctifying misandry Goddess ideology and the fall of man
Year : 2010

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Prologue. The Fall of Man. We have already written two volumes of a trilogy on misandry. The sexist counterpart of misogyny, misandry refers to the hatred of men in secular forms - cinematic stereotypes, journalistic excesses, legal manoeuvres, and so on. Still in the works is the third volume of that trilogy. Meanwhile, however, we have found it necessary to write this fourth and more specialized book on misandry in the specific context of religion. Before introducing this book, here is a brief introduction to our earlier work on misandry. In the trilogy’s first volume, Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture, we showed how the entertainment, advertising, and even news industries have come to depict men. During the 1980s and 1990s, misandric stereotypes of men became pervasive in American popular culture. The male characters of popular movies and television shows, for instance, are usually either inadequate or evil - or both. (Exempted from ridicule or attack, sometimes, are characters who represent minority men or male feminists; they are, in effect, honorary women.) This was not the only gender pattern, but it was - and still is - a very common one. It is true that misogyny coexisted with misandry to some extent, but the two phenomena were different in one important way. ...

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