Kasten Len - Alien World Order

Author : Kasten Len
Title : The reptilian plan to divide and conquer the human race
Year : 2017

Link download : Kasten_Len_-_Alien_World_Order.zip

Introduction. From Prophecy to Reality. The science-fiction classic The Time Machine by H. G. Wells was first published as a novel in 1895. It was based on his short story “The Chronic Argonauts,” written in 1888 while Wells was a student and published in his college newspaper. Written, as it was, prior to the scientific and technological breakthroughs of the early twentieth century, it would be expected to be weak in terms of scientific speculation. But remarkably, the story contained a complete description of the concept of space-time, designating time as the fourth dimension of space, twenty years before Einstein unveiled his theory of special relativity! It also offered some interesting social insights. In his visit to the distant future in The Time Machine, the inventor–time traveler encounters a civilization of simple-minded, pleasure-seeking young people, the Eloi, who live in an earthly paradise of beauty and leisure. But underground there is a different society. There lives a race of apelike creatures, the Morlocks, who run the machinery that permits the pleasures of the surface world to exist. The time traveler at first assumes that this subsurface worker race has been enslaved by the Eloi to do all the hard labor necessary to keep their paradise functioning. However, the time traveler discovers that periodically the Morlocks put the Eloi into a trance, and then batch consignments of the young people are brought underground to become food for the cannibalistic Morlocks. The Morlocks allow the Eloi to enjoy their surface playground, but they are being kept like cattle in a pasture, for food. ...

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