Next leap

Author : Ironmarch
Title : Next leap
Year : 2015

Link download :

Preface. An ironmarch anthology. Fascism is a worldview like no other as it strives for a selfless adherence to Truth, and even one step out of line means failure. Thus it is the hardest of paths to walk, especially in this day and age when we face a constant white noise of information that obscures the Truth. It took our community 4 years (and even longer still if we consider the lessons learned during its previous incarnation as the ITPF) to formulate a more clear and comprehensive understanding of the Fascist worldview and this past year, which was the IronMarch Year of Worldview Education, we have made great leaps forward in this regard, as we purposely set out to clear away all popular misconceptions and bring to everyone's attention materials that fully coincide and even further elaborate the positions of personalities that we had always held in high regard. The fruits of our work are now compiled together in this anthology book, and its meant to be a gift to those who are only starting their journey on the Fascist path, as it will help you to achieve in one reading what took us many years. However, what you will read in here is far from the full picture, but it will be enough for you to engage in our common struggle with certainty that you are in the right. What comes after is entirely up to you - whether you choose to pursue further study of the Fascist worldview or not after having read this book, you will already be informed enough to tell the Truth apart from lies, and thus you will be sure-footed on this path. What will truly matter then, is how you will participate in this struggle, how you will convert your certainty into Action. ...

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