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Monday, January 14 2013

King William - The Space Wolf Omnibus

Author : King William Title : The Space Wolf Omnibus Warhammer 40000 Year : 2008 Link download : King_William_-_The_Space_Wolf_Omnibus.zip THE WORLD OF Fenris has long been a proving ground for new recruits into the Space Wolves. The harsh realities of life on that planet prepare the initiates for  […]

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Monday, January 7 2013

McNeill Graham - The Ultramarines Omnibus

Author : McNeill Graham Title : The Ultramarines Omnibus Year : 2008 Link download : McNeill_Graham_-_The_Ultramarines_Omnibus.zip GRAHAM McNEILL'S EPIC trilogy of Ultramarines novels is now collected together into a single, great-value omnibus edition. Containing the novels Nightbringer, Warriors  […]

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Monday, April 9 2012

Abnett Dan - Eisenhorn

Author : Abnett Dan Title : Eisenhorn . Xenos . Malleus . Hereticus Year : 2005 Link download : Abnett_Dan_-_Eisenhorn.zip THE INQUISITION IS feared throughout all the worlds of the Imperium. They are the Emperor's avenging flame, routing out heresy and corruption in all of its guises. Gregor  […]

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