Steiner Rudolf - Between death and rebirth

Author : Steiner Rudolf
Title : Between death and rebirth Ten lectures given in Berlin between 5th november, 1912 and 1st april 1913
Year : 1913

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Synopsis. Lecture One, Berlin, 5th November, 1912. All the forces of the soul must be activated if the essence of Anthroposophy is to be grasped. Subjects must be studied from constantly new sides. Since the last third of the nineteenth century the soul need only be duly prepared and revelations will flow from the spiritual world. Activity in the physical world, quietude in the spiritual world. Since 1899, spiritual influences must take effect inwardly instead of being occasioned by outer events. These lectures will deal chiefly with the life after death when the Kamaloka period is over. After death relationships between individuals continue as they were during life on Earth. Homer's seership. Michelangelo and the Medici tombs in Florence. Our attitude to spiritual knowledge can establish the seeds of a true morality. Companionship or isolation in the planetary spheres after death depend upon moral and religious attitudes of soul in earthly life. For karmic adjustments, return into the physical body is essential. ...

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