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Tuesday, May 19 2015

Gray Jonathan - Were we on the Moon in 2309 B.C.?

Author : Gray Jonathan Title : Were we on the Moon in 2309 B.C.? (…and what about Mars ?) Year : 2008 Link download : Gray_Jonathan_-_Were_we_on_the_Moon_in_2309_BC.zip In 1926, Professor A. W. Bickerton declared the concept of shooting at the moon to be foolish and impossible. In 1935, the noted  […]

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Thursday, December 25 2014

Flowers Stephen Edred - Hermetic magic

Author : Flowers Stephen Edred (Thorsson Edred) Title : Hermetic magic The postmodern magical papyrus of Abaris Year : 1995 Link download : Flowers_Stephen_Edred_-_Hermetic_magic.zip Preface. "Quod superius est sicut quod inferius et quod inforius est sicut quod superius ad perpetranda  […]

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Monday, June 2 2014

Knight Christopher - Butler Alan - Who built the Moon ?

Authors : Knight Christopher - Butler Alan Title : Who built the Moon ? Year : 2006 Link download : Knight_Christopher_-_Butler_Alan_-_Who_built_the_Moon.zip Christopher Knight has worked in advertising and marketing for over thirty years, specialising in consumer psychology and market research.  […]

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Thursday, March 15 2012

Velikovsky Immanuel - When Was the Lunar Surface Last Molten

Author : Velikovsky Immanuel Title : When Was the Lunar Surface Last Molten Year : 1972 Link download : Velikovsky_Immanuel_-_When_Was_the_Lunar_Surface_Last_Molten.zip I appreciate the challenge concerning the last time the lunar surface was heated and became also partly molten. I intend to show  […]

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Velikovsky Immanuel - Are the Moon's Scars Only 3000 Years Old

Author : Velikovsky Immanuel Title : Are the Moon's Scars Only 3000 Years Old Year : 1969 Link download : Velikovsky_Immanuel_-_Are_the_Moon_s_Scars_Only_3000_Years_Old.zip Editor's Note: The following article, referred to in "A Record of Success," was published in the New York Times,  […]

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