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Friday, December 21 2018

Johansson Lars - Self-organizing flow technology

Authors : Johansson Lars - Ovesen Morten - Hallberg Curt Title : Self-organizing flow technology In Viktor Schauberger's footsteps Year : 2002 Link download : Johansson_Lars_-_Self-organizing_flow_technology.zip This report tries to evolve a new perspective on the ideas of the Austrian naturalist  […]

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Wednesday, June 10 2015

AFU Newsletter - 2001-2008

Author : AFU Newsletter Title : 2001-2008 Year : 2001-2008 Link download : AFU_Newsletter_-_2001-2008.zip New religions UFO movements. Swedish student Stefan Isaksson has written a paper titled "New religious UFO movements. Extra/errestrial salvation in contemporary America". Isaksson is  […]

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Thursday, December 25 2014

Flowers Stephen Edred - Runelore

Author : Flowers Stephen Edred (Thorsson Edred) Title : Runelore A handbook of esoteric runology Year : 1987 Link download : Flowers_Stephen_Edred_-_Runelore.zip About the Cover. The Brö stone is an example of a Medieval memorial stone, discussed in Chapter 3. On the surface, its message reads:  […]

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Monday, December 1 2014

Day Donald - Onward Christian soldiers

Author : Day Donald Satterlee Title : Onward Christian soldiers 1920-1942 : propaganda, censorship and one man's struggle to hearld the truth. 22 year in Europe as Baltic correspondent for the Chicago tribune Year : 1982 Link download : Day_Donald_-_Onward_Christian_soldiers.zip Why I did not go  […]

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Friday, December 27 2013

A Phoenix journal - 186

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 186 Year : 1996 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_186.zip FOREWORD REC #1 HATONN. TUE., OCT. 29, 1996 7:22 A.M. YR.10, DAY 074. TUE., OCT. 29, 1996. We will call this a “Foreword” simply because it is the next writing. I have been focused this week on distant  […]

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Monday, September 16 2013

Horn Frederick Winkel - History of the literature of the Scandinavian North

Author : Horn Frederick Winkel Title : History of the literature of the Scandinavian North From the most ancient times to the present Year : 1884 Link download : Horn_Frederick_Winkel_-_History_of_the_literature_of_the_Scandinavian_North.zip The Scandinavian nations constitute together a branch  […]

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Dasent George Webbe - The story of Burnt Njal

Author : Dasent George Webbe Title : The story of Burnt Njal The great icelandic tribune, jurist, and counsellor. Year : 1907 Link download : Dasent_George_Webbe_-_The_story_of_Burnt_Njal.zip Prefatory note. This print of Sir George Dashnt's translation of the Njals Saga, under the title The Story  […]

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Dasent George Webbe - A collection of popular tales from the Norse and North German

Author : Dasent George Webbe Title : A collection of popular tales from the Norse and North German Year : 1907 Link download : Dasent_George_Webbe_-_A_collection_of_popular_tales_from_the_Norse_and_North_German.zip Introduction. Norse popular tales. The Norsemen came from the East, and brought a  […]

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Monday, June 17 2013

Lönnrot Elias - The Kalevala

Author : Lönnrot Elias Title : The Kalevala The epic poem of Finland Year : 1888 Link download : Lonnrot_Elias_-_The_Kalevala.zip The following translation was undertaken from a desire to lay before the English-speaking people the full treasury of epical beauty, folklore, and mythology comprised in  […]

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Saturday, February 23 2013

Munch Peter - Norse Mythology

Author : Munch Peter Andreas Title : Norse Mythology Legends of Gods and Heroes Year : 1926 Link download : Munch_Peter_-_Norse_Mythology.zip The mythology of our forefathers, as we know it from Norse mythical poems and from the records of ancient writers, has not come down to us in its genuine  […]

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