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Sunday, January 29 2017

Piggott Stuart - The dawn of civilization

Author : Piggott Stuart Title : The dawn of civilization Volume 1 The first world survey of human cultures in early times Year : 1968 Link download : Piggott_Stuart_-_The_dawn_of_civilization.zip Foreword. Almost exactly three years ago the initial scheme for The Dawn of Civilization saw its first  […]

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Saturday, November 28 2015

Le Page du Pratz Antoine-Simon - The history of Louisiana

Author : Le Page du Pratz Antoine-Simon Title : The history of Louisiana Or the Western parts of Virginia and Carolina : containing a description of the countries that lie on both sides of the River Missisippi : with an account of the settlements, inhabitants, soil, climate, and products Year :  […]

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Thursday, May 7 2015

Hancock Graham - War God

Author : Hancock Graham Title : War God Nights of the witch The epic novel of the Spanish conquest of Mexico Year : 2013 Link download : Hancock_Graham_-_War_God.zip Chapter One. Tenochtitlan (Mexico City), Thursday 18 February 1519. Moctezuma loved eminences, for to stand on any high place was to  […]

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Sunday, July 6 2014

Kemp Arthur - March of the Titans

Author : Kemp Arthur Title : March of the Titans The complete history of the White race Year : 1999 Link download : Kemp_Arthur_-_March_of_the_Titans.zip Foreword. Foreword to the Pinnacle Edition (2011) This volume is, by far, the biggest and most complete version of March of the Titans yet  […]

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Saturday, December 28 2013

A Phoenix journal - 243

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 243 Year : 1998 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_243.zip CHAPTER 1. THE NEWS DESK by Dr. Al Overholt 5/9/98. FEARS ABOUT FOOD SAFETY ON THE RISE. Recent encounters with contamination cause new-found anxiety about system Excerpted from 2 articles in THE GLOBE  […]

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A Phoenix journal - 231

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 231 Year : 1998 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_231.zip CHAPTER 1. SETUP FROM THE START! EMERGING INFO ABOUT ARRESTS OF “BIO-TERRORISTS”. Editor’s note: Something smelled pretty rotten from the start, wouldn’t you agree? Especially the way the timing unfolded.  […]

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A Phoenix journal - 221

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 221 Year : 1998 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_221.zip CHAPTER 1 THE NEWS DESK by Dr. Al Overholt 1/17/98 TEXAS COURT RULING—A SETBACK FOR NWO GLOBALISM, A BOOST FOR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY From the INTERNET, courtesy Candace, 1/5/98: quoting “One man’s trash is  […]

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A Phoenix journal - 207

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 207 Year : 1997 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_207.zip CHAPTER 1. MASSIVE SANCTIONED RIP-OFF? IIC-IDB-MIF JIGSAW PUZZLE GROWS OCTOPUS LEGS. PART II: TAKING A CLOSER LOOK Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) The  […]

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Friday, December 27 2013

A Phoenix journal - 171

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 171 Year : 1996 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_171.zip CHAPTER 1. PART III. TIMELESS SPIRITUAL REMINDER. FROM ESU “JESUS” SANANDA. Editor’s note: We have elected to share, once again, writings which appeared from Esu “Jesus” Sananda some years ago,  […]

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Wednesday, December 25 2013

A Phoenix journal - 105

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 105 Year : 1995 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_105.zip America in peril - An understatement ! ...  […]

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